The new budget italian law for the assignment of 5G frequencies in 2018, as well as the evolution of the new radio technology, places the TELCO industry insiders to face up to a toward acceleration versus a new era.  At the same time, new types of services, as well as new business models, will born and grow up till levels that we can not even imagine.

MNO are planning to use 5G technologies to showcase enhanced spectator experience at upcoming events. Any large event present an opportunity for operators and organizers to provide visitors with additional digital services throughout the entire experience.

Currently, Italy stands as the most advanced country on the European continent!
Therefore, all big players have to be ready to collect, and manage, the countless requests of IoT devices expected

Next TLC networks, will not be anymore a simple infrastructure with better performances. We are now talking about an important transformation from the point of view of network latency, which currently limits the implementation of some of the currently-evolving technologies such as Driverless Cars, Virtual Reality and Logistic.

Furthermore, the new “Connected” Ecosystem, in which wearable, sensors and devices, will all be able to “talk” through cloud computing & NFV will open unpredictable scenarios.

Telecommunications experts believe that global mobile data traffic is set to explode, reaching 100 exabytes per month in 2023 coming from 31.6 billion mobile devices, which is almost double the devices we have now. This rise in mobile data traffic and the presence of newer and better technology means that all TELCO players have to be ready for the bug change!

Basically, any “Things” will be part of this new Ecosystem and all the actual “simple” activities will bring into a new dimension:

  • Growth in mobile traffic at events
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies will enhance visitors’ & remote spectators’ experience of events
  • 4G systems will continue to support event visitors with services, but in the near future, 5G technology will have the capability to transform their experience
  • Based on Customer Traffic Datas a proactive management & automation will be essential to meet committed service levels
  • Customer Health will become another important Data Lake for Medical research and statistic, as well as prevention of health problems

Set to arrive within the next three years, 5G could account for as many as 1.4 billion connections by 2025. By then, 5G networks are likely to cover one third of the world’s population. The impact on the mobile industry and its customers will be profound

5G is more than a new generation of technologies; it denotes a new era in which connectivity will become increasingly fluid and flexible. 5G Networks will adapt to applications and performance will be tailored precisely to the needs of the user

Working closely with the mobile operators pioneering 5G, the GSMA is engaging with governments, and vertical industries including automotive, financial services, healthcare providers, transport operators, utilities and other industry sectors to develop business cases for 5G.


The global market has experienced a tremendous increase in the number of smartphone users. It is impossible to understand the trends of mobile apps in 2017 unless you look at the statistics.

Number of smartphone users in the global market, as well as the number of APPs developed and consequently installed, is increasing tirelessly. During 2017, the Apple App store boasts close to 2 million of these apps while Google play has over 2.2 million Apps and the expectation is that those numbers will grow up during the next future.

“The huge advantage of millimetre wave is access to new spectrum, because the existing cellphone spectrum is overcrowded. It’s packed and there’s nowhere else to go,” electrical engineer Jacques Rudell from the University of Washington, who’s not involved in the project”
Mark Harris at The Guardian


To accelerate developments of new important services & application a Low Latency is a Must!


5G speeds have to be measured in Gb/sec, 5G data speeds will be up to 100 times faster than 4G LTE speeds!


5G Network will allow to build up an interconnected world ready for Driverless cars!

This bring our attention into an important point to underline, just as the smartphone wasn’t just a better mobile phone, 5G is not just an evolutionary advancement in mobile network speed!

5G will be a disruptive technology that will create new opportunities for communications service providers to deliver new applications that will change the way people live and work!

What have to be clear is that the international TELCO market is driving this network transformation. Technology & business innovations are required to deliver the 5G and this will have a big impact for all other market. 5G will open up new spectrum at higher frequencies, increase bandwidth and transmission speed, reduce network latency, improve network reliability, and increase device density to better handle the onslaught of data brought on by increased mobility and the Internet of Things.

The advent of 5G coincides with two other market shaping forces:

  1. The Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) that deploy network functions on general-purpose compute servers
  2. A new wave of applications that apply analytics and artificial intelligence to generate new business insights and societal value

One important market that will grow, and where laroccasolutions is one of the Italian leaders, is the RF Test & Measurements Market.

This market will growth driven by the growing of wireless networking in in-building communication systems, rising focus on developing 5G network-based devices, and increasing deployment of IoT technology-based devices for various applications.

As shows in the following picture, the increasing number of smartphones, and continuous advancements in next-generation telecommunication standards, increase the RF T&M (Test & Measurements) demand.

5G RF Test Equipment

The RF T&M equipments is completely change approach as well! Just few years ago, we was using mobiles just as modem for Network Testing. Now, the smartphone is a real computer and it is possible to build up script and start the Network Testing directly from it.

The RF test equipment product development phase is very critical and needs equipment with high-precision performance.

Thank to the 5G Networks growing, the RF test equipment market with more than 6 GHz frequency is expected to witness a significant growth between 2017 and 2023. In fact, just as example of possible chipset for RF measurements, Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon X50 5G modem chipset (October 2017), that offers up to 5 gigabits per second download speeds, using multiple 5G carriers as well as the ability to demonstrate over-the-air connection using a tiny 28 GHz millimetrewave antenna module.


The time for network transformation is now!

While 5G standards and technology are still evolving, the foundational capabilities offered by NFV and SDN are available today, and the work we’re doing will be buoyed by the expanded radio spectrum, connectivity, bandwidth, and lower latency of 5G as it rolls out.

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